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Life Skills Workshopsare designed to engage youth in open and honest communication to address harmful behaviors and choices of the participants.  The workshops provide youth with tools, mentoring and a safety network that increases their self-sufficiency and confidence. Our communitywide partnerships assist youth in accessing resources needed for achieving high school graduation, higher education or workforce development training and certifications for advanced employment opportunities.  The workshops connect participants to a network of supportive programs and mentors who provide youth with long-term connections to positive role models in our community.

Goals – The program goals of Life Skills Workshops, presented by Vision Theatrical Foundation, are to provide services and assistance for vulnerable youth to be prepared to adapt quickly when faced with crisis situations and to build their skills to successfully achieve self-sufficiency and independence.  The program fully supports Clark County’s most vulnerable populations impacted by Juvenile Justice Services and include youth in foster care and Social Services programs.  These prevention and intervention-based educational services provide under-resourced youth and their families with guidance to prevent youth from entering the Juvenile Justice System and interventions for youth who need equitable access to training and resources for changing the trajectory of their lives. The workshops are presented by educators, retired police officers, social workers and trained community volunteers who engage the participants through virtual and/or in-person learning experiences. Use of instructional materials and activities reinforces lessons in personal accountability and youth gain a greater understanding of behavioral choices that lead to negative consequences, some of which may impact them for the rest of their life. Trained facilitators lead interactive discussions and activities that require program participants to develop and apply critical thinking skills that help them to identify and remove any challenges preventing them from consistently making positive life choices. Our programming supports each participant in developing their own action plan for success.

Community Impact – Our youth must be heard, and their ideas included in the community-wide communication and solution plans that every community needs for supporting healthy families, building safe neighborhoods, and prompting prosperity in our communities. Program data collection will track program completion, school enrollment, graduation, stronger community pride, volunteerism, and reduced recidivism.

Transformative Years – Life Skills Workshops serve as essential gateway for youth to connect with community partners that offer additional services, support systems and long-term mentoring. As youth enter other programs, Vision Theatrical Foundation will collaborate with community partners to collect and share data on participants’ achievement of short and long-term life goals.