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Our program is unique in giving youth who are professionally trained in theater arts as well as students from the audience to fully engage in the productions which also provide opportunities to learn staging, sound effects and marketing as they promote positive behavior and leadership skills at their schools. Most powerful are the theater readings done by audience members as they personally select the script and share it from their personal perspective.

2nd Chance Job Skills Program

2nd Chance Job Skills Program is provided by social workers and retired police officers who understand how to reach and teach youth who are minors and need a second chance to turn their life around.  Our programming is specifically designed for incarcerated youth and those on probation and presented at detention centers or community settings.  Additional workshops in Life Skills, Effective Communication in the Workplace, Leadership Training and Mentoring are provided to address harmful behavior choices of participants, while providing tools for youth to build their self-sufficiency and confidence.

Toe Tag
Monologues Live

Toe Tag Monologues Live, written by retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer and Founder, R. Byron Stringer, are based on real life and death situations our youth face daily.  Stringer took stories of events from the streets and put pen to paper to create Toe Tag Monologues which address the multi-faceted challenges of drug abuse, bullying, drinking and driving, teen suicide, human trafficking, gang violence, school violence and shootings, domestic violence, self-harm and low self-esteem.  These powerful monologues present realistic scenarios often resulting in a toe tag and body bag, and youth are encouraged to engage in open discussions. These discussions require the program participants to use their critical thinking skills to identify and remove any challenges preventing them from for making positive life choices.  The team is teaching our youth that every choice has a consequence, and some consequences have to be dealt with for an entire lifetime.

Conversations with
Toe Tag Monologues

Conversations with Toe Tag Monologues with youth are facilitated by a panel of mental health experts who explore current and most pressing concerns with our youth living in crisis.  Participants are provided with community resources and coping skills to deal with highly stressful situations.  Our team is focused on providing vision, hope and supporting each participant in developing their own action plan. Our youth must be heard and their ideas part of the solution as we create safer neighborhoods and healthy communities.

Life Skills Workshop

Life Skills Workshopsare designed to engage youth in open and honest communication to address harmful behaviors and choices of participants.  The workshops provide youth with tools, mentoring and a safety network that increases their self-sufficiency and confidence. Our communitywide partnerships assist youth in accessing resources needed for achieving high school graduation, higher education or workforce development training and certifications for advanced employment opportunities.  The workshops connect participants to a network of supportive programs and mentors who provide youth with long-term connections to positive role models in our community.